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Words of Thanks From Judith Carrington, Founder of “Mental Health Resources”

Thank you for the “Recovering Our Families” course. It was tremendously meaningful for me so I wanted to share with you how in:


“This is the time to thank the group for sharing their hard-earned wisdom and resources and to thank you, Krista (and Jennifer) for hovering in the background watching over us so we could be safely unload our deepest feelings, doubts and fears.

Krista, the development of “Families Healing Together” in terms ideas, format, readings, videos, (the artwork was fabulous) and being addressed by your beautiful self is a masterwork of communication: personal, innovative, original and thorough. Jennifer, I know because of your vision and belief, you’ve been championing and birthing this amazing product.”


“I have less anxiety because I pressed the “compassion button” on behalf of myself and my daughter and “dropped the rope.” [Read more…]

The Discomfort of Awareness, The Change in Perspective, The Application of Learning.

Below is a comment from the private Recovering Our Families course. Michelle allowed us to publish it here

I would like to say that this course is by far and absolutely the best and most helpful resource I have found in my 20 years of searching and trying. I was reluctant to write anything because unlike many of you I haven’t had a single aha moment; I haven’t been able to successfully put any of the suggestions into practice; my son and my family have been having the most horrifying and worst experiences we have had in the 20 years of his illness and every time I think it can’t possibly get worse…it does. That doesn’t sound like a very effective testimonial to this course, I know, but in fact I think it might be the most important testimonial for this course. Let me explain. [Read more…]

Carl Jung, Being Silenced, Listening to Psychosis, and Gratitude.

This is a comment from a course participant Mary S Newton, PhD, who graciously let me share her words here regarding her own recovery from psychosis:

I signed up for the course not so much to get help for myself or someone else, but rather to see if the course would really live up to its very attractive advance publicity. Going on past experience, I was not optimistic. I’m happy to say gloomy suspicions were completely unjustified. I’m continually astonished at your skill in opening up very difficult and painful problems and encouraging helpful input from all participants, in addition to your own wise advice.

Today you outdid yourself, in bringing up the problem of staying in communication with someone in psychosis. A little background: many years ago, as a 27-year-old housewife and mother of two young children, I had to deal with psychosis myself. I was college educated and loved to read and ponder all the Big Questions, and in my reading I had stumbled across Carl Jung and his theory of individuation, or psychological maturity, which is something I longed for. Individuation, he said, comes about when the limited conscious ego accesses and assimilates the contents of the vast collective unconscious, the source of spiritual experience and wisdom. I eagerly pursued this line of thought, and one day had an out-of-body experience that convinced me I was making good progress. This was followed by even more impressive — and frightening — experiences that soon convinced me I needed some expert advice, so I went to a psychiatrist to explain what was happening to me, and what I hoped it meant, and to get his advice on how to handle the experiences.

As I’m sure this group knows, the psychiatrist was basically horrified at what I tried to tell him. Taken aback at his reaction, [Read more…]

A Story of Successful (So Far!) Application of Coursework

This testimonial was written by a mom who was enrolled in the Recovering Our Families course. 

Our son was recently involuntarily committed (by the court) to the hospital; a stay which lasted 2 1/2 weeks. He had not been taking his meds consistently (a requirement of his treatment/probation), had become increasingly withdrawn and uncommunicative and was losing weight. He stopped talking to the doctors when it was evident they were not listening.

This class provided me with the confidence to trust my judgment and make my voice be heard. But that’s not even right. It gave me the confidence to believe in my son’s judgment and help his voice be heard. I was able to draw on the vocabulary and communication skills presented in this class to get the attention of the medical team, to present my son who is suffering as a culmination of distressful life experiences – including and especially THIS ONE! – not just a chemical puzzle to be solved. To listen to the person when he says “no” (or says nothing at all) – to see this as a rational response to these circumstances, not just another symptom of illness. He is much more than a woefully incomplete medical chart. [Read more…]

Hope and Hopelessness

Below is a very insightful response that one mom had to the lesson on Hope and Hopelessness in week 4 of the Recovering Our Families course. I’m so blown away by the wisdom and connecting that is happening in this class. Thank you to this particular mom for letting me publish her thoughts here on the blog!

In Response To The Lesson on Hopelessness
Lots of information in this lesson. I can only relate to it through my story and how and when I moved out of fear into hopelessness then recovered my hope.
[Read more…]